Alessandro Martemucci will be speaker at Philip Kotler Marketing Forum 2017

After the great success of 2015, Nexo Corporation reports the prof. Philip Kotler in Italy for the most important global marketing event, the Philip Kotler Marketing Forum.

It is only here that the founding father of modern marketing deals with the important and never-present-day theme of waste recovery in business processes: from product and service design to communication to internal and external organization, to marketing, all ‘the use of material resources and human capital, to the development of the business. We are in the new era of marketing and lean production, called lean marketing and lean production, necessary for the survival and sustainability of businesses and societies, from small to large in a highly competitive, globalized and ever-changing marketplace.

But what does it mean for companies to adopt lean marketing in the design and implementation of products and services? Reducing waste in all business processes allows you to market your products or services in the easiest possible way, check out the answer right away, correct your business, and sell more. Not only minimizing wastes on the productive part, but the revolution is controlling waste from the origin and every step of the business. The professor. Philip Kotler, co-founded by prestigious experts, storymakers, prominent personalities and revolutionary brands – in front of an audience of entrepreneurs, managers and experts – explains the revolutionary force in the lean marketing economy and how its strategic application in companies and companies minimizes costs and increase revenue. And to tell their story, prominent personalities of the food and catering industry, transportation and automotive and innovative digitization and startup.

In our era of history it is a moral obligation to think of an ethical, sustainable and shared development. That is why the PKMF 2017 is committed to giving strength to startup and innovation, the heart of the new forms of business in the contemporary economy. reducing waste in business processes. A point of encounter and dialogue between values, innovation and business declinations, the theme forum and the revolutionary strategies told are absolutely new in the national panorama. The IULM University, renowned for its pioneering character capable of anticipating trends and riding changes in a dynamic and evolving key, is the venue for the event, to be held in Milan on October 6 and 7, 2017.

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