Alessandro Martemucci among the leading speakers of the “Philip Kotler Marketing Forum”

There will also be Mathematician Alessandro Martemucci among the leading speakers of the “Philip Kotler Marketing Forum”, the most important worldwide marketing event taking place in Milan on October 6 and 7, next to the IULM University of Communication and Communication Sciences.

Philip Kotler, the world’s most illustrious marketing theorist, will address the issue of waste recovery in business processes, a new era of marketing and lean production, called lean marketing and lean production, the tools needed to survive and sustainability of businesses and societies. Throughout the Forum, entrepreneurs, managers and professionals will bring on stage their direct experience of practicing lean practices theorized by Professor Kotler, a personality capable of influencing the thought of students and managers around the world.

Lean marketing marketing expert Alessandro Martemucci will explain in his speech Lean marketing canvas, a revolutionary model developed by the maternal manager to exploit the potential enclosed in each company in order to minimize costs and increase revenue.

In addition to Martemucci who is also vice president of the Italian Marketing Association, they will tell their prominent personality story as Oscar Farinetti’s patron of Eataly; Orazio Iacono, Managing Director and General Manager of Trenitalia; Marco Grossi, Senior Manager of Facebook Italy and Spain; Matteo Stifanelli, manager of Airbnb Italia.