Lean Marketing Canvas

What is Lean Marketing Canvas ©?

Supporting the Lean Marketing Model © is a practical and operational tool that translates, into a sheet A3, a slim model of planning that has generated obvious and sustainable improvements by taking advantage of some operating modalities to reorganize and streamline the marketing and communication processes of companies. The peculiarity of the work is the application of Lean principles and tools (including Gemba Kaizen, 5S and Visual Management) to the marketing world not only from an internal point of view, but also in optimizing internal business processes, but above all from the point of view of the customer and then following a consumption map.

These ideas are useful for redefining how marketing managers work to analyze and fine-tune any type of strategy or intervention in both the physical and digital environment (both of which have a significant impact on processes). However, this is a little field explored by literature, and therefore deserving of profound analysis. Specifically, all the solutions proposed by other authors were incomplete or could not give a global view: the main problem was therefore the lack of a tool at the same time operational but with a long-term philosophy.
The term Lean has become synonymous with an organized and managed system, but also "operational excellence". The slim enterprise model is considered to be a successful guarantee for the improvement of companies, even outside the manufacturing and large companies where it is usually applied. Its realization, which takes place in the productive or office domains, is based on the same principles.

At the center there is customer attention in value: what is not due to customer satisfaction is of no value and is a waste to be eliminated. It must be kept in mind, however, that while in a manufacturing manufacturing plant, the waste is suddenly visible to the eye because it is more difficult to find inefficiencies in the world of services, communication, and offices.
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