Lean Marketing means “Transforming the ordinary in extraordinary”, here is Lexus’s example

On September 3, the first Lexus LC Hybrid was delivered to Italy.
The customer who became the owner of the first unit of this model was Gianfranco Aquila, chairman of Montegrappa, a world-renowned company for the production of high-end pens, characterized by the quality of the materials and the accuracy of craftsmanship.

It was an important moment that Lexus wanted to celebrate one of the values ​​that has always distinguished the brand, namely Omotenashi, the Japanese hospitality that is expressed by paying close attention to its guest, making it feel like comfortable and anticipating their desires.

Transforming the ordinary in extraordinary is part of the Lexus DNA, an ability that can be found whenever you sit at the wheel of a car, or you enter a trade show hall.
To further emphasize the habit of astonishing its customers, an exclusive delivery ceremony was organized, which, starting from the concessionaire, came to the red carpet of the 74th Venice Film Festival, where Mr Aquila had the opportunity to to live, in person, an equally important ceremony such as the delivery of the Golden Lion Career to Jane Fonda and Robert Redford.

Source: Lexus.it